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#1 2020-10-14 11:38:13

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Are they stealing Midori?

It's strange that I still have midori installed, so I decided to check once more if anything changed. FOr my surprise, home page https://www.midori-browser.org now redirects to one at https://astian.org (it has only one project, midori, so could be dedicated to it).
There is latest release 1.1.4. They claim it open, with community, but... no way to get even close to sources. Only to download or to donate (that assumes it should have open sources).

Only if you download deb and look inside, you could find link to github in ints control file as home page:

......only to find that there are no sources at all. Only lone LICENSE file, claiming it to be GPL-3. Same situation is about midori-android repo from same user.
Is it joke or it's how they taking over barely abandoned projects, feeling them with probes, miners, whatever yet?


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