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#1 2020-10-24 11:51:22

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What setting should give the most crisp/sharp looking fonts?

My distro is Arch

I started to play with font settings. I mean antialiasing, hinting, sub-pixel layout.

Are there any theoretically proper values that should give me the best font look?

Sub-pixel layout is almost indistinguishable for me.
I would say the biggest difference is when I turn off AA. Font is very jagged. I can see the difference between levels of hinting. Without any is a little bit blurry.

Medium/Full - almost the same for me

Little/Full - to be honest I'm not sure. In terminal Little gives a little taller characters. In full letters are little darker.

I know that it could be just a personal taste but I started to wonder if I really see the differences or my eyes are trying to fool me.
What settings do you have?
Is there any golden rule for this?

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