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#1 2020-11-10 22:14:31

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xfwm4 Multiple Monitor Maximization

Hello All

I'm posting here to try and clear up an odd issue with XFCE's window manager (xfwm4). On a new install of Gentoo, I am attempting to use Xinerama to feed two monitors a single X screen.
Pictured below is an ascii sketch of the monitor arrangement.

|-------|* * * * * * *
|   P   |
|   o   | dead space *
|   r   |
|   t   |------------|
|   r   |            |
|   a   |            |
|   i   | Landscape  |
|   t   |            |

I have gotten it to work, but maximized windows take up both windows and the dead space above the Landscape monitor.
I have gotten other window managers to handle maximized windows correctly without changes to the xorg.conf file.
I was under the impression that xfwm4 could handle Xinerama, is this incorrect?
Does it affect the window manager if these monitors are each driven by a different Nvidia GPU?

I have a weird feeling that there is some obscure option that would fix this. I really hope that's true.


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