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#1 2020-11-17 22:42:23

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[Solved] switch user command

I recently changed my display manager to SDDM and noticed that "switch user" option in menu is not working (this option should bring back SDDM screen and allow other user to login simultaneously).

I found that this command run manually does the job:

qdbus --system org.freedesktop.DisplayManager /org/freedesktop/DisplayManager/Seat0 org.freedesktop.DisplayManager.Seat.SwitchToGreeter

I'm not sure why Xfce is not running it and if it's correct, but here it is:


The question is where I can find the binary or script that is running "switch user" command and how do I fix it?

//edit never mind, just found it:
https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/XF … greyed_out

cat /usr/bin/gdmflexiserver
/usr/bin/lxdm -c USER_SWITCH

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