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#1 2020-12-28 07:47:01

From: Warsaw Poland
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Themes & icons in Xfce

Sorry for my English.
A very large number of Xfce users in Poland complain about the quality of icons and graphic styles in Arch and Manjaro systems in which Xfce is used.
Is it possible for Xfce developers to publish artwork and icon creation so that different users can create their own Xfce compatible themes?
Could use some program, one art style builder for Xfce, so that it can be published and easily updated for newer Xfce releases.

Lots of users are looking for icons that resemble competitor operating systems, especially Windows. Existing packages on the internet, however, destroy operating systems after using them.

Together with my colleagues from forum.manjaro.pl and linux.pl, I would like to create a few new artwork for Arch / Manjaro from Xfce.
However, reworking icon by icon is time-consuming and boring.
I mean responsiveness.

The graphic design of 'Matcha' or 'Adwaita' has been unchanged for many months, many people don't like it.
We would like to create a few new versions for Xfce, straight from Windows, MacOS etc. and post them on our forums.
What exactly software are the developers of Xfce using?
There has to be something simpler and above all faster, like using Gimp or Photoshop.

Our suggestions also:

1.Changing the appearance of icons (desktop and system)
2. change of graphic styles
3. Change of login screens
4.changing the startup screens (splash)
5.change of end screens (logging out or shutting down the system, restart)
6. change icons in panels
7.picture of system users (so-called avatars)
8. Icon fonts
9. system fonts

it should all be in one place in the app "look".

In Xfce systems, the "change any icon" option is also missing, for example, click the network icon (and any other icon) and select the "change icon appearance" option from the menu.
Users could then customize the system for themselves.

Many people (new users) seeing other markings in linux systems cannot get used to it. We want to change this by creating a graphic design that resembles other operating systems, just for ease of use for beginners.
There is a lot of it on the Internet, but 90% of it does not work.
We want to create new graphic packages on the basis of:
I click> I install = I use

PiiMaa Poland
Sorry for My English
Manjaro x86/64; 5.9-11-3; Xfce; i7-5600/16GB/HD4500/12.5"FHD


#2 2020-12-28 15:10:08

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Re: Themes & icons in Xfce

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Are you aware of Xfce-Look.org?


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