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#1 2021-01-10 01:28:31

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Thoughts on 4.16 and the "new" look

I do not update either my laptop or main workstation very much. I just installed 4.16 on FreeBSD 12.2 doing the following. Upgraded the OS; delete all apps and reinstalled from packages. What I did not do was remove the base xfce configuration directories. Once I found a setting that gave me the color I wanted for the title bar, I was done. Other than missing orage calendar I see no reall difference. If you are not a CSS guru and just want to work, if you can locate a backup of you old .confg, .xfce, ... directories this might work for you. This could also be a FreeBSD only difference [benefit smile  ]

I am not a fan of we gotta look like windows 10 or MacOS to be modern.

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#2 2021-01-10 04:45:31

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Re: Thoughts on 4.16 and the "new" look

I recently built up a minimal vm image from debian bullseye i686 with xfce 4.16 and think it's beautiful. It runs very well with a 767MB disk and 212 memory footprint. Genmons are running 10-15MB higher than 4.12, but otherwise it's solid. My amd64 versions are still in flux, but no confirmed issues with xfce4.

I mentioned in a thread earlier some upgrades have adopted some differing behavior with a few details in garcon-gtk and gigolo stuff. I assume some upgrade issues. The i386 from debian 8.5 went cleanly to current pre-bullseye with 4.16. Some 64 versions have upgraded fine, one didn't. A few more details and I think 4.16 will make a fine daily desktop. It's as adaptable as ever, maybe even better.

It works properly with a chosen authority method. A root desktop actually works right if appropriate and needed. It works correctly with pkexec. It works with sudo. So pick one, no xfce4 limitations there.

My desktops don't ring of any M$ or Mac influence at all really, and 4.16 keeps this going. Maybe it's a strength it can be set up to mimic, but that's certainly not all it can do.

Definitely a bright future.


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