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#1 2021-01-10 02:41:32

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xfdesktop --quit only works once

The first time I execute

xfdesktop --quit

my solid color, reddish background turns black and the only window on the desktop is the console. This is what I expected.

pgrep xfdesktop

confirms xfdesktop is no longer running.

The second time, I restart xfdesktop from the console and repeat the process above. The background doesn't go away. It remains, at least from a visual perspective.

pgrep xfdesktop

confirms xfdesktop is no longer running. It looks like my normal desktop, except when I drag the console, it is slow and appears to be repainting over the background each time I move. 

I can never repeat what happened the first time, even if I logon/logoff or reboot. I'm on a VM, so I just restore the machine.

htop doesn't show anything looping.

I'm doing the above as a learning experience and to potentially address some future issue.

Does anyone know why "xfdesktop --quit" only works cleanly once?  Shouldn't a user be able to stop and start xfdesktop multiple times and get the same results? 

  xfdesktop --quit
  xfdesktop &

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#2 2021-01-10 11:21:19

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Re: xfdesktop --quit only works once

I can confirm that the same happens to me. If you then restart xfwm4, the desktop turns black again, so xfwm4 may be involved. Probably best to create a bug report.


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