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#1 2021-02-18 22:08:28

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Thunar Custom Action question (using opencc)


Could someone please help me with a Thunar custom action?

The program is opencc, which converts between Traditional and Simplified Chinese text.

Here's its usage:

$ opencc --help

   opencc  [--noflush <bool>] [-i <file>] [-o <file>] [-c <file>] [--]
           [--version] [-h]


   --noflush <bool>
     Disable flush for every line

   -i <file>,  --input <file>
     Read original text from <file>.

   -o <file>,  --output <file>
     Write converted text to <file>.

   -c <file>,  --config <file>
     Configuration file

   --,  --ignore_rest
     Ignores the rest of the labeled arguments following this flag.

     Displays version information and exits.

   -h,  --help
     Displays usage information and exits.

In bash, if I use the following cmdline, I can successfully convert:

opencc -i ~/1.txt -o ~/1.txt -c t2s

"t2s" is short for "/usr/share/opencc/t2s.json", so "-c /usr/share/opencc/t2s.json" has the same effect.

But if I add the following to Thunar custom action, it won't convert:

opencc -i %F -o %F -c t2s


opencc -i %F -o %F -c /usr/share/opencc/t2s.json

Appearance Conditions:
File Pattern: *.txt
Contains: text files

I couldn't figure out the right way to put in Thunar custom action, could some please teach me how?


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#2 2021-02-18 23:07:53

From: Canada
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Re: Thunar Custom Action question (using opencc)

That command works, in that it changes the file for me. (a diff confirms that this file changes). What exactly do you mean by "doesn't work"?

What version of thunar are you running?

Also, are there any error messages in your ~/.xsession-errors file when run the action?


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