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#1 2021-02-22 10:53:30

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cannot access to network share mounted with autofs


i have some of my network devices mounted with autofs. The mountpoint is /autofs/<name-of-the-network-share>.

Lets say i start thunar and go to /autofs/htpc to move some files from the desktop to my htpc. Then i go back to /home/user and shutdown the htpc. Of course, now /autofs/htpc is not available anymore. When i go to /autofs (NOT /autofs/htpc) in tunar after a while i have the error that /autofs/htpc is not available. Of course its not available because the device isn't running. But i don't want to go to /autofs/htpc i want to go to /auto. This happens every time i have this situation - but only with thunar.

I can access to /autofs using the terminal or other file managers. In thunar also the direct link (e.g. /autofs/raspberry) works. Whats the problem here?



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