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#1 2021-04-01 21:52:18

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How to force new windows to be on top (in front)

Xubuntu 20.04

In Window Manager Settings I have:

[x] Focus follows mouse
[x] Automatically give focus to newly created windows
[x] Raise window when clicking inside application window

When I create a new window (e.g., opening mutt mail or creating a new terminal with a keyboard shortcut, the new window will open above or below other existing windows apparently depending upon where those windows were in the window stack previously.  For example, if one or more existing windows were active and raised prior to the new window's creation, then the new window will be placed behind the raised ones.  In other cases, the new window will appear on top.

Is there any setting that will force new windows to always appear on top without having to change my focus and raise policies?

Note: I've tried "Automatically raise windows when they receive focus" with various delays, which in some ways achieves what I want, but I don't like the window flipping that occurs when the mouse is just randomly placed on the screen or slowly moved about, so I'm hoping there is another trick to just forcing the raising of new windows without activating that.


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