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#1 2021-05-01 10:58:10

Registered: 2021-05-01
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Suggestion: xfce4-session pre-logout process

I suggest to add an option to execute custom programs or scripts before logging out the xfce session during for shutdown/reboot. It is very useful for power users to automate something before leaving the xfce session and reboot/shutdown computer. Modifying ConsoleKit2 scripts is not viable option because of the timelimit imposed for executing the program.


#2 2021-05-01 11:11:58

Registered: 2014-07-28
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Re: Suggestion: xfce4-session pre-logout process

But you can!

In Settings > Session and Startup > Application Autostart you can set triggers for any action/command.


The triggers are:

on login
on logout
on suspend
on restart
on suspend
on hibernate
on hybrid sleep
on switch user

I don't know when the feature was introduced, but I have it with xfce4-session 4.14.2.

Good luck and tell us how it goes!


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