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#1 2021-05-24 13:44:53

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General token of appreciation

I don't exactly remember how I met XFCE. It must have been some fifteen years ago, through a rather bumby stretch of my life. My computer then was made of bits and pieces held together by shoestrings and a song and while not a complete stranger to things Unix I was somewhat used to have the nuts and bolts taken care of for me by the IT grunts. Thus, I was very satisfied to find a desktop environment that was easy to use and not too demanding on my meager system resources.

I now have more than enough computing oomph. I recently tried on Gnome for size. Urgh, all this eye-candy sure is pretty but I rapidly found it nauseating and getting in the way of actually doing things. So, here I am again, back to this trusted XFCE, equally economical of my mental resources.

Cheers :-)


#2 2021-05-24 14:06:14

From: Canada
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Re: General token of appreciation

Welcome back!

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