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#1 2021-08-10 09:38:05

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How to properly replace the default screen lock?

I have the lightdm screen locker on Debian, it is the default that came with Debian + XFCE (4.16).

I want to change it to physlock so that it will be used instead of lightdm whenever the screen is locked (key shortcut, suspend, hibernation, screensaver locking automatically, etc).

What are the steps to do that properly?

Edit: I was able to change it by editing /usr/bin/xflock4, placing physlock at the top of the first list in that file, but this changes the screen lock only in the case when the screen is locked by a key shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + L). When the screen is locked by the screensaver or the computer returns from Suspend or Hibernation, lightdm still appears.

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