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#1 2021-08-12 06:40:01

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print long texts out as "book" in half size

as my employer did supply our pc with M$ windows, I did use Win 95 for a very long time (until 2005..2008!).

in win95 a simple printer tool was available converting each text into a book  depending of the text length (that it did determinate himself) and send it to the printer to print the book out with the printer setting "landscape" (the result was half size on each paper page). if the text was 8 pages long, it did print out first page with pages 1 and 8 of the first page on the one side and 2 and 7 on the other side, after that on the second page pages 3 and 7 front page and 4 and 5 back.

is that in linux available?


#2 2021-08-12 11:09:45

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Re: print long texts out as "book" in half size

Have a look at this asubuntu thread. It lists a number of options that can be used to accomplish this.


#3 2021-09-01 14:45:01

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Re: print long texts out as "book" in half size

Its been a while but I don't recall that being a native tool/option to windows 95 Its usually a printer driver funvtion, for example I have it:



#4 2021-09-03 18:54:53

From: right by Jesus, our Saviour
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Re: print long texts out as "book" in half size

long long ago (before Linux) i remember doing that in hand coded Postscript on a Unix system.  but maybe it was the printer driver running the Postscript engine.


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