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#1 2021-08-30 20:45:19

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XFCE minimal configuration

I am using actually a little derivate of Devuan named Star ( https://sourceforge.net/projects/linnix/ ).
It is a fantastic minimal distribution!
the installer used for. ex. from USB stick installs only a minimal version from 64 Mb (yes 64 Mb). after restart, you only update it and it grows up to the minimal installation. you can then continue in commando line (server etc.) or install xorg and ... Yes, and what?

What would be with XFCE4 as minimal version?

I expect more than with only ratpoison or JWM

but it has to continue to be a really minimal version.

what have I awaiting from that minimal version?

- starts if possible without some GDM or other display manager from commando line using the command startx
- background picture management
- remembers last session (more: if possible gives the occasion to save that session as my standard session if I copy a subdirectory containing that remembered settings)
- in that last session my online TV settings incl. sound (sound is actually NOT preinstalled! what would you recommand?) so that that minimal linux helps me daily to look my TV actualities ojnly starting that old PC)?

I would like to open 2 browser windows each with a different :-)) TV chanel. concerning sound: Is pulseaudio better? What would be the recommanded minimal installation?

(I touch the screen and depending which window, the right one with it´s own sound is visible with it's own sound)


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