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#1 2021-11-13 14:40:37

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xfce4-taskmanager icon [SOLVED]

While still pecking away at understanding themes, from https://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=15379

* tangents are fun! When I pulled gnome-icon-theme it pulls the icon for xfce4-taskmanager, and it is not a dependency! That needs fixed, so a manual copy of just that icon...

I scarfed the utilities-system.monitor.png in a 48x size and threw it it pixmaps. This works for the menu icon and shows in 'notification area', however like other examples does not show in 'Window Buttons'.

Other examples have been feh and mpv when customized no longer show in 'Window Buttons' I assume because the icon is baked into the executable and not externally assigned, not sure.

This get me wondering what direction should be addressed, if any. There are very old discussions where this icon used by xfce4-taskmanager was pulled from adwaita and lives in a gnome-icon package instead. These old discussions show the duplication and multiplication of unnecessary bits. It seems the internal icon for xfce4-taskmanager is referencing the gnome icon and not the adwaita - the dependencies in the Debian package are Adwaita and hicolor. It would seem appropriate for XFCE to put the icon in the hicolor set, maybe as xfce4-taskmanager.png along with many other xfce4 specific icons.

Maybe a bug report addressed to xfce4-taskmanager?
It would be nice to simplify away from the gnome-icon dependency since there is massive duplication and for my use the package is essentially cruft. It occurs to me I don't know what creates /usr/share/pixmaps but seems to be a general dump for applications to use independent of specific icon themes. Then some extra packages like hicolor fill in random inclusions, then Adwaita which seems somewhat mandatory, while the gnome-icon-theme seems superfluous.

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#2 2021-11-13 19:41:13

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Re: xfce4-taskmanager icon [SOLVED]

This bug report would be of interest. There was a change in the gnome and Adwaita icon themes. xfce4-taskmanager, as of 1.4.0, uses the new icon name (org.xfce.taskmanager). This is part of a larger initiative to convert to rDNS icon naming.


#3 2021-11-13 20:43:22

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Re: xfce4-taskmanager icon [SOLVED]

Thanks again, I'm late to the party!!

I did search, found the discussion but did not see >1.4.0 reference.
Of course on Debian, I'm behind. 1.4 is in bullseye and I'm hacking up a slightly earlier copy for destructive testing.
I forgot to keep it up to date!  sorry...


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