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#1 2022-02-08 02:53:55

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Greeting Xfce community

I am not sure what I am going to ask here yet.

I have just replaced my aging Kubuntu 18.04 distro on my laptop with Zorin OS 16.  I am using the Xfce system with Compiz window manager and so far life has been alright.  It means learning a new layout and things are in different places to what I am used to but hopefully it won't be too hard for me to unlearn Kubuntu KDE Plasma to learn something new.

Haven't worked out what I want to ask on here yet but I am hoping someone may be able to give me some tips smile


#2 2022-02-08 03:24:38

From: Canada
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Re: Greeting Xfce community

Hello and welcome to the forums.


#3 2022-02-08 03:47:06

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Re: Greeting Xfce community

Well, hello and welcome to our superb forum.

Xfce is relatively easy to customize, you can make it look like Plasma if you like but then what's the point, right?

Feel free to come here and ask any questions, we'll gladly try answering them. I, for one, know a thing or two that I'm eager to share.

Remember to edit the subject of your topic to include the [SOLVED] tag once you're satisfied with the answers or have found a solution (in which case, don't forget to share it as well), so that other members of the community can quickly refer to it and save their time. Pretty please! tongue


#4 2022-02-08 12:23:31

Registered: 2021-12-22
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Re: Greeting Xfce community

Welcome aboard webquest, I hope you enjoy your Xfce experience.


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