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#1 2022-04-16 01:40:39

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xfburn: unmount disc error

xfce 4.16
xfburn 0.6.2-1

I have never understood why I have this problem.  Maybe you will know!

When I'm using xfburn to make a CD or DVD, and I either try to eject or insert a flash drive, xfburn starts to complain that it couldn't unmount the disc.  Why on earth would it want to unmount the disc?  A dialog box pops up, and you can click the close button, but after a little while it comes back.  After about 3 times, it just freezes up.


#2 2022-04-16 10:42:08

From: Canada
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Re: xfburn: unmount disc error

xfburn has some code to watch for udev events and emit a signal when a block device is detected. I wonder if its errantly picking up your flash disk and emitting the VOLUME_CHANGED signal. Might be best to create a bug report.

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