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#1 2022-05-27 17:39:18

From: L A, ca, usa
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new here, but not new

I'm David.

I had custom software businesses and PC sales before Linux was born.
I first played with Linux when you either downloaded it from a BBS or found a software store that sold the floppys. Yeah, early 90's.
I have tried all the distributions.

I moved my workplace (part of a mega corporation) from Win3.11 to NT4. I managed PC's and an internal, private diagnostic network for the west coast. We handled tech issues for high-speed transport.

At the last, I was an analyst working special trouble after my teams tried and failed at least 5 times, or at a polite request from senior execs.
Oh, and a few customers had my phone number. I've received calls from the Pentagon at 2am more than once. Any trouble was supposed to be tech, only, but it ranged from legal to policy to microcode on vendor products to customer relations. I've had special invitations to explain situations to Getty Trust, UCLA Reagents, Kaiser Med, FAA, more. I was the last stop for that one case no one could solve. Loved it! (After all, if everyone else had already failed - I could never look bad. I *always* provided a way to move forward.) I literally have chased ghosts. Took 6 months for a conclusion, and this investigation ultimately answered some tech issues I had resolved 10 years previously.

Decided to retire when my boss said: "Let the experts handle it - not your job." Yeah, we had departments AND experts for any topic. No one to coordinate in the middle. Nine months after I was gone, my star worker refused to open a new department doing the same thing: no trust in upper management. That was 15 years ago.

I found xfce when looking for a replacement for Lubuntu after it moved to QT.

I am divided between Manjaro and minimal Ubuntu.
I only use Windows for games or when I have to (rare.)

Hobby: genaral AI programming
We have two 24/7 servers, usually 2 workstations up at any time. Multiple physical subnets. I can bring up a not small cluster when I want it.

Hi, everyone.

I can make xfce do everthing I want but make the icons stay where I want them.
Seen the bugs and multiplicity of hints about where the trouble might be coming from spanning the last ten years.

Nothing is perfect. But I expect xfce devs would be unsatisfied if they couldn't do it at least as well as Windows.
This totally destroys the mood of the day each time it happens.


(why the short login timeout when key activity is still present?)

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If you don't try - you lose - automatically


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