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#1 2022-06-15 00:46:40

From: right by Jesus, our Saviour
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user activity timeout and sticky keys notification

problem #1

i am getting a timeout forcing me to log back in after a short few minutes on one user ("pdh").  all users have the timeout either disabled or set very long.  that works for a few other users i've been long idle for.  but, this one user is timing out on me when am idle for a short time.  i was away for less than 10 minutes and it did it.

what should i look for to check for inconsistency and where (file path relative to ~/.config)?

problem #2

when i first login users "forums" and "pdh" i get a notification that sticky keys are enabled.  however, i have stick keys on for all my users and it works for all all that i have used recently (i regularly use this feature for damn near all my Shift key presses like the parenthesis this phrase is in).  i want to not get the notification for any OR get the notification for all users.  i do get notifications for other things that i wish to continue to get so i have zero interest in ways to disable notifications.

again, i want to know what is stored/saved different that causes it to be this way for these users.


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