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#1 2022-08-31 19:27:37

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I'm having a bizarre issue: randomly dropped keys after an install.

Can't find any reference to this issue.

A few weeks ago I installed clipman (sudo apt install xfce4-clipman-plugin) on an install of Xubuntu 22.04 (Xfce 4.16) which I had been using since release with no issue. Shortly after I found that some keys were being dropped randomly from time to time, simply not appearing unless I repeat tap many times. Switching windows a few times seems to get me back to normal.

Even logging in from a reboot this can happen in the password box, and not just the login but the encrypted-disk password/key box before login. It seems it's mostly vowels, weirdly. Might be wrong about that.

I uninstalled clipman straightaway. The problem stayed. I upgraded to 22.04.1, no improvement.

Any clue what might be going on?

I asked in the Ubuntu forums: no responses.


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