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#1 2022-09-01 03:34:22

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setting an array with xfconfig-query -s

i've listed all properties in all channels, but some are arrays, which it outputs the count, an empty line, and each element value.  i cannot figure out, from the man page for xfconfig-query, how to set set an array property.  my goals in this are 1: make a script to dump out all properties, and 2: make a script to restore all properties including resetting properties not in the dump being restored.  hopefully i can accomplish this in Bash, and if not Bash, then in Python3.

the restore script could also be a means to switch all properties to some named property dump file to effectively be favorite modes of operation.  maybe i'll name these xfce-dump and xfce-load using a default extension of ".xf" or ".xfc" or ".xfce" or ".xfce4".

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