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#1 2022-09-01 07:16:42

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Problems with layout switch on Alt+Shift

Hello everyone!
I can't figure out how to configure layout switch on Alt+Shift in such a way that it would not interfere with other applications' shortcuts (for example Intellij IDEA, which has alt+shift+up, alt+shift+down, alt+shift+left, alt+shift+right). The problem is when I try to execute other application's shortcut, the desktop environment is not waiting until I release those keys and switches layout right away which results in not working shortcuts for that application. As a temporary solution I decided to configure layout switch to win+space but it's really not that convenient for me.
I am aware of this bug https://gitlab.xfce.org/xfce/libxfce4ui/-/issues/1 and xcape solution. But AFAIK xcape solution wouldn't work for me since in only allows you to set a single key as a shortcut.
So is it possible to have layout switch on alt+shift and have other applications' shortcuts working properly?

Thank you for your answers!


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