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#1 2022-12-24 17:10:13

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Duplicate mouse in "Mouse and Touchpad" setting

I post my the i have for a very long time, I use xfce since 4.16 and i still have in 4.18.

My mouse is a Razer Viper Ultimate, wireless (with dock). It appears two times in xfce settings : Settings Manager -> Mouse and Touchpad -> Devices.
As you can see on the pictures below, i have it two times : 2  x the dock + 2 x the mouse.



In addition, each one has different settings e.g.
- The first occurrence of the mouse as only the acceleration available
- The second occurrence has acceleration and sensitivity

Why ? This is not normal.

Apart from that, everything is normal in my system :

1) lsusb is OK


2) xinput list gives me also duplicate entries....!


Could you please help me to find out what is going on I am confused. I use openrazer as mouse driver and everything is OK in it.
Thank you


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