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#1 2023-01-07 00:12:22

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Bulk Renamer Update

Just checking if there is any possibility for an upgrade to the bulk renamer?

It is so very convenient, and it actually does a good bit, but it could seriously use an upgrade. Most notably in how it handles numbering.

Any attempt to repair existing bad numbering in a set of files is more work than actually renaming them by hand, unless it's more the 20 files or so. I've used other renaming software that handles numbering much more gracefully.

In xnviewmp, you can use a placeholder for where you want to inserting your numbering, and then configure the pattern and starting number. When I'm renaming images, I find I can breeze through renaming them in no time. It's such a simple and elegant solution. You are not limited to the beginning or ending of a filename.

KRenamer isn't as simple, but it provides some pretty cool plugins that help with numbering. It has an Increase Number plugin that finds the sequence in your group of files, and you can adjust by x +/- to get the actual numbering you want.

It also wouldn't hurt to enable resizing and remembering the window size without having to use devilspie. I've added a custom action for KRename to handle my numbering, but I actually like Thunar's offering for everything else. Just wish it would update how it handles numbering..



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