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#1 2023-01-28 06:47:29

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Odd behaviour from the Disk Performance Monitor plugin

Recently I've been trying to get all my system monitor stuff out of conky and into the panel instead. Currently I have the following plugins in the panel (aside from the typical clock, window list, workspace list):

- 2 sensor plugins (CPU and GPU temps)
- Network Monitor plugin
- CPU graph plugin
- Disk Performance Monitor plugin

Shortly after setting this up I noticed I was having some weird jerkiness. Especially noticeable when running some games. So I tried removing the applets one by one and readding them, and found that the Disk Performance Monitor plugin itself is causing this jerkiness. I also tried booting into openbox and running the panel there. I had no problem until I started Picom, which leads me to think this plugin interacts oddly with compositors?

I'm on Debian, so perhaps this is already fixed and I'm just waiting for the next release to roll it out, but any assistance would be appreciated. Even if you could point me in the direction of what kind of command I might put in a Generic Monitor plugin to achieve the same result (that is to say, monitoring the read and writes on my main SSD).

Edit: Tried it on Arch and notice the same issue.

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