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#1 2023-04-12 17:11:44

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YT via command line:magic-tape

Magic-tape is an image supporting fuzzy finder command line interface YouTube client.


Image support is achieved either with kitty terminal, ueberzug or chafa.
With magic-tape, through the main menu, the user can

-Browse subscription feed videos.

-Browse through trending video feed.

-make a video search, using keywords or phrases.

-Watch a previously watched video (watch history).

-Browse videos from a subcsribed channel.

-Watch a liked video.

-Repeat the previous selection.

-Repeat a previous search (search history).

-Watch/download video/audio content, in various formats.


Through the miscellaneous menu the user can

-Set up Preferences (configuration).

-Like / Unlike a video.

-Synchronize the above actions with their YouTube account.

-Import subscriptions from YouTube.

-Subscribe to/ Unsubscribe from a channel.

-Clear their watch/search history, liked videos, thumbnail cache.


Feel free to give your feedback!



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