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#1 2023-04-28 18:32:03

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Keyboard mapping issue


I'm trying to find a solution to a problem and wasn't to sure which community would be able to help me.  Since I'm using xfce desktop manager I think I can find some help here.

My issue is explain here

I'm close to find a solution but my experience is limited. 

When I boot and log into the system the keyboard mapping in xfce is mapped to en_US.  To solve my issue in go to configuration / keyboard and in the layout tab. only french (canada) is present.  I add another french (canada) and delete the first one and it fixes my issue.  Since this is a readonly image, I would like to know what my action of adding this keyboard does to the system so I can rebuild my image with the right modification.

My tty console is fine and the proper keyboard is working as expected.


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