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#1 2023-05-18 08:33:01

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skippy-xd is back!

skippy-xd is back!

In the last few months, new features has been added to the long forgotten app: animation, new layout, paging mode, live preview of minimized windows, and more.

For those who have not met skippy, skippy-xd is a lightweight, customizable, feature rich, window-manager-agnostic composite window selector for windows in the X server. With skippy, we have the perfect marriage with xfce.

With the latest skippy, you get live-preview on your alt-tab motions; you get the much coveted expose feature from Mac; you get a handy overview of all your virtual desktops in one glance with paging mode.

If you want to fly around your daily window flow, if you want cool window motions that adds to your productivity, if you want to manage your windows like a boss, skippy-xd might be the thing for you.

Visit https://github.com/dreamcat4/skippy-xd/wiki/Gallery to see the new skippy-xd in action.

Visit https://github.com/dreamcat4/skippy-xd to download and try it out!

Any and all feedbacks would be welcomed.

Also, would there be any tips on what other community I should reach out to?



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