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#1 2023-06-09 23:51:22

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'Bulk Rename' needs a new name.

Just discovered this 'app' while updating my main menus.  So happens I have 1000+ archived-photos from Mars, Egypt, Texas, who knows.
Since there is no official camera-file-naming-standards,  I cannot trust anything. One FileMgr  counts 1001 files, another counts 987, another counts 1125, etc.
What the heck, lets try this new-found app, version 4.18.4.   What a piece of software-crap !   That is absolutely the worse... I'll rant no further.

Finally, after a few hours using Terminal, I segregated the mess into multiple folders,, good names. fair names, bad names etc.
Simple enough for LS to count files.  Maybe 'BulkRename'  can handle this refined-selection of 'file-names-too-long',,,, it worked !   ONCE !
'BR"  has no reset,re-start,continue,explode,destroy functions what-so-ever.  GoTo menu, run app,  ONCE !. GoTo menu.

That's enough, I can use my MS-DOS emulator and be done before dinner.    Tomorrow, its new name is 'gone'.


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