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#1 2023-06-26 18:47:40

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[SOLVED]Debian 12/ kernel 6xx / Xfce 4.18 / Disp. pow. manage. buggy

hello ,

I'm trying to investigate why "Put to sleep after" and "Switch off after" result in a black screen which can't be waken up . So far I think it's because the Debian 8 + kernel 6.xx and my graphic card for some reason are not compatible :

* there was no problem at all with Debian 11 + kernel 6.0

* suspend on lid close works perfectly

* if I add to the grub menu of kernel 6.1) "nomodeset" everything but the display quality is OK ( display quality is very poorl )

My question is : does the Display power management ask the kernel to wake up the screen if I use either "put to sleep after" or "switch off after" ?

edit 1 : this morning I disabled " Enable display compositing " and everything was OK : no more black screen . To be sure I enabled it again and ... I couldn't get a black screen anymore .

Well ,  the only thing I'm sure of is : I don't know . Time will tell if this bug is really solved by chance or by ? or unsolved  .

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