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#1 2023-07-29 23:47:38

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Certain Keyboard Shortcuts Don't Work (Xfce 4.18 on Debian Bookworm)

The keyboard shortcuts Shift+Alt+( and Shift+Alt+) don't seem to work. I've checked for conflicting key binds, but I haven't found any.

I didn't encounter any error messages when opening xfwm4-settings, clearing and adding the shortcuts that didn't work through the terminal (there was no terminal output).

I tried adding these shortcuts to other functions of the window manager such as show desktop and that didn't work, so I believe it's a problem with the keyboard shortcuts rather than an issue with move_window_workspace or workspaces in general. I also logged off and rebooted just in case, but that didn't work as well.

Edit: I figured out any keybinding that has parentheses doesn't work either

Here's what the keyboard shortcuts look like in the xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts.xml.

<property name="&lt;Shift&gt;&lt;Alt&gt;parenleft" type="string" value="move_window_workspace_9_key"/>
<property name="&lt;Shift&gt;&lt;Alt&gt;parenright" type="string" value="move_window_workspace_10_key"/>

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