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#1 2023-08-03 19:08:51

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How can I abuse Xfce's source code to generate a font family?


I use a monospace font in the terminal that does not provide an italic typeface. However, xfce4-terminal renders the font in italics without issue. No edges or corners are cut off and it meshes fine with neighboring non-italic characters. The terminal is also able to generate a bold font face if none is provided by the font itself.

I would like to use this same font in other things which want separate italic and emboldened font files, but are not able to generate these on the fly like xfce4-terminal appears to. I searched around the source code for the terminal but can find no solid references to font generation. I would like to cobble together from the source code something that takes in a font file and spits out the italic and bold versions of that same file.

Is this something that sounds possible? If so, where do I need to look in the Xfce source code to find what I need to hack together?


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