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#1 2023-08-18 07:07:03

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systray crashing when I open a remote tray over ssh

I have a Status Tray Plugin on my XFCE panel, all works fine.

I have a remote machine which I ssh into and run a remote systray from there (stalonetray) to show on my desktop so I can control VPN (using network manager).

When I open the session (ie. launch stalonetray), the local Statys Tray "crashes" saying:

The notification area lost selection
Most likely another widget took over the function of notification area. This area will be unused.

I understand I can't have two notification areas, but the other one which I openend it's actually from a remote machine which I need to display and control on my desktop.

Once I have the remote tray open, I can go on the panel options, remove and re-add the status tray and everything works fine. So I know I can run both in paralell.

Any ideas on how to avoid my local tray closing whe I launch the remote one?


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