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#1 2023-08-19 21:12:08

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Window manager hotkey questions

XFCE 4.18.1

1.) The first question is more of a confirmation of a bug if someone can test this out to verify if I am correct?
Lower Window = Shift + Alt + Page Down
works fine
Raise Window = Shift + Alt + Page Up
I would think it is suppose to cycle in the opposite direction but it does not appear to do anything?  Is this true?
Just wanted to make sure before I made a bug report.
I saw a setting in “Window Manager Tweaks” called “Raise windows while cycling” but didn’t seem to change anything.
Another possible issue / bug is that when you use the “lower window” hotkey it appears that it is cycling from right to left, instead of what I would expect which would be left to right, if someone could verify this as well.  Thank You


2.) I am trying to find a set of hotkey functions that would allow me to cycle through opened windows without any kind of on screen graphical display (for example Alt+Tab).
I am using the “Windows Buttons” and as far as settings I have “Show button labels” checked on.  Sort order is set to “None, allow drag & drop” so no grouping of windows.

A.) The main idea I had was to use the hotkeys mentioned in question one above, which is how I found out it has some possible issues, which is unfortunate because if this is true that would mean that this won’t be fixed for a minimum of another year.
If it worked properly it seems like Lower Window = Shift + Alt + Page Down  (and Raise Window) would be the way to go but I noticed another issue that cause some problems.
Certain windows I need to be “full screen” and when full screen mode is activated in programs or using XFCE full screen mode (not sure if both performing the same full screen action) but either way, when activated the windows no longer have access to these hotkeys provided by XFCE Window Manager, you have to exit out of full screen mode and then it goes back to working which I do not desire.

B.) Next idea I had was to use minimize & maximize hotkeys.  Super + M & Super + X
Not really a solution for cycling through windows but I guess would still work for me.
The super + m hotkey does work when in full screen mode (which is strange that the other raise / lower ones mentioned above does not), however this minimizes the current window but then there is not an easy way to bring it back that I know of?
Curious if anyone knows hotkey to do so?

C.)  Don’t think this exists in XFCE but I believe in Windows and KDE Plasma there are hotkeys Super + numbers that allow user to cycle through window buttons.  Numbers go from left to right 1, 2, 3, Etc. depending on how many windows user has open.  Does anyone know if anything like this exists in XFCE?


I ideally don’t want to have to install any 3rd party software to achieve what I am looking for.
I really am hoping for a solution that works with 2A mentioned above if possible, because feels the best out of all the ideas.
If anyone has a solution for 2A or I am open to even a better / different solutions if anyone has any ideas to share, as long as they are hotkey based and have no on screen graphical display.

Thank you for any information offered

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#2 2023-08-20 19:35:30

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Re: Window manager hotkey questions

Greetings to you!

Not quite sure I understand what your "workflow" requires, but if I may suggest, look into the "wmctrl" tool that comes bundled with most distros. A while ago ToZ pointed this solution out to me and helped me with a project where I had to bring/raise certain windows to the desktop/foreground that I had previously hidden/backgrounded. The only rub with this solution was that I had to rely on windows' enumeration by the WM which in my case varied from one boot/resume to another. But if you can solely rely on windows' "names" being static, this tool might just work for you.

Cheers. m4a

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#3 2023-08-21 22:49:15

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Re: Window manager hotkey questions

I was able to find something that at least works a little better, but I am still open for ideas if anyone has any.
I noticed there was a command that did not have a hotkey assigned to it in the XFCE Window Manager, it is called "Switch Application".  This allows you to switch between "window buttons" and also the hotkey remains available when in full screen mode.  Might be helpful to others as well so I figured I would mention it.

Hey thank you for the response
Funny, right after I read your response I was looking up another question I had about getting programs to load up in full screen mode and guess what program was mentioned.... smile
It is amazing how many questions I have that seem to have this "wmctrl" program as the answer.
In the past it was never installed in the Distros/DE I was using by default so I always just kind of ignored it but I just realized it is installed on my system already, I will give it a look.
Thanks again

Using hotkeys to cycle between opened window buttons (without a on screen display) is not exactly a unique expectation, kind of strange that it does not exist?
I was hoping that full screen mode & window management hotkeys / navigation could be handled in XFCE itself, but it is helpful that while it does not appear to be able to do so, there is at least a solution that is helpful with so many things.

I am sure others have requested for similar features in the past, but if these features are not available I will look into making some requests (my luck with XFCE requests has not been too good as of yet but I think these
Just in case anyone mentions it I am aware that you could use Alt+F11 to enter full screen mode which is great, but was looking to be able to open programs in full screen mode automatically.

I will be trying "wmctrl" for this but as mentioned still open to trying other ideas out as well.
If not the "Switch Application" feature I mentioned above works well.

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#4 2023-08-22 00:06:28

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Re: Window manager hotkey questions

advice1010 wrote:

Raise Window = Shift + Alt + Page Up
I would think it is suppose to cycle in the opposite direction but it does not appear to do anything?  Is this true?
Just wanted to make sure before I made a bug report.

You should create a bug report for this - it isn't working like it should.

I also want to note that can you make the Alt-Tab window invisible by putting the following in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css:

#xfwm-tabwin {opacity: 0}

Its still there, just invisible. Not sure if this is helpful at all.

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