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#1 2023-09-01 01:48:04

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A problem about copy and paste

I have a file named module_n_class_op.rsj. when I copy and paste the file with mouse in thunder, then rename the copied file to module_n_class_op1.rsj, I find that two file not the same, the copy file cannot be opened. when I copy the file in xterm to module_n_class_op2.rsj, there is no difference between the two files. what's wrong with copy and paste used mouse?

root [ ~/textbook/logic_and_algebra/related_material ]# diff module_n_class_op.rsj module_n_class_op1.rsj
二进制文件 module_n_class_op.rsj 和 module_n_class_op1.rsj 不同
root [ ~/textbook/logic_and_algebra/related_material ]# cp module_n_class_op.rsj module_n_class_op2.rsj
root [ ~/textbook/logic_and_algebra/related_material ]# diff module_n_class_op.rsj module_n_class_op2.rsj
root [ ~/textbook/logic_and_algebra/related_material ]#

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