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#1 2023-10-11 09:42:10

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The screen remains black after suspending, xorg high on CPU

Suspend used to work just fine on my laptop but since a recent update I am encountering an issue. After I wake the laptop from suspend, the screen doesn't come on. Everything else seems to turn on just fine, but no image on the screen. The laptop is fully awake, but there is just no image on the screen. In particular, AltCtrlBackspace does restart X which then works normally, and if I don't restart X I can use top or ps in a tty console and see that my graphical processes are still running.

One thing to note is that Xorg is often using an anormal level of CPU resources, even when the system is apparently running correctly (often at 50 or 100% CPU, e.g. over last session it used 1 hour CPU usage for 4 hours uptime...!)

I suspected xscreensaver but it also happens in its absence. I suspected kernel but this happens with the 3 different subversions provided by debian bookworm (6.0.1-9, 6.0.1-10 and 6.0.1-13-amd64, unfortunately no other one available at present).

Now I've tried using another desktop environment and I don't seem to have either problem anymore (high CPU usage for xorg and resume problems after suspend), although as those were not systematically happening it's not so easy to be sure.

xfce 4.18 (I had no such problem before my upgrade to debian bookworm from bullseye, which I see ships 4.16, so probably I switched at that time - but also changed kernel and so on when upgrading)


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