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#1 2023-11-03 20:12:09

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Way to make panel be above even when window always on top activated

I have seen a couple posts similar but don't think the same as what I am about to ask.

In each windows context menu (upper left corner header icon) you can select the option "Always On Top" or you can go into window manager and set hotkey called "Toggle Above" to make windows well, always be on top.
When you use this however because the panel is also a program, the window will also be on top of the panel.
I was wondering if it was possible to be able to have the panel always be on top when this setting is activated for a specific window.  I just want windows to be always not top of desktop / other windows, not the panel itself if that makes sense.
I noticed in "Panel Preferences" there is a check box option to "Keep panel above windows" but not sure if this is something else, or if it has a bug but when you activate this check box setting and say you snap / tile a window, now the bottom part of the window ends up below the panel so you cannot see it.
For example if you snap/tile Thunar to your windows left / right screen edge, you can no longer see Thunars status bar at the bottom I think this is because now the tiling is using the whole screen height, not taking height of panel into account anymore.

Thank You


#2 2023-11-03 22:00:21

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Re: Way to make panel be above even when window always on top activated

Settings manager>>Workspaces>>Margins tab

Margins are areas on the edges of the screen where no window will be placed

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