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#1 2023-12-04 09:08:29

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xfce4-terminal[s] with different configs?

Since the migration to xconf from terminalrc, a possibility I made use of has disappeared, or have I misunderstood something?

Or, to phrase the question differently, how is the flag --disable-server intended to work?

Before the migration, I started a couple of desktop terminals via a script that set up a dedicated environment (temporarily changing XDG_CONFIG_HOME) with a custom terminalrc and the --disable-server flag set (and no menus, etc. through xprop an wmctrl), making these terminals ignore changes in the preferences dialog opened in terminals started from the DE. How can I accomplish this behavior now? Can I, accordingly, set up a dedicated xconf DB? As for now, I haven't managed to figure out how!

And, starting terminals with the --disable-server flag set still follow configuration changes made in DE-started terminals (which, presumably, use the server...). Is this a bug?

I'd certainly appreciate some ideas and/or info!



#2 2023-12-04 10:10:45

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Re: xfce4-terminal[s] with different configs?

You can't do that anymore, we'd need to implement profiles to recover this feature, see https://gitlab.xfce.org/apps/xfce4-term … note_79760

--disable-server prevents xfce4-terminal from registering to the session bus, so it runs as a standalone process, however it has no effect on xfconf. I don't think you can set up a dedicated xconf DB by any means currently.


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