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#1 2024-01-02 19:44:59

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I was reading xfce4-session - Frequently Asked Questions. It mentions xfce4-autostart-editor.

I was unable to find the binary on my system (manjaro) and can't find a way to install. Does it still exist? Or has it merged into the xfce4-session-settings application? 

due diligence:

The arch package extra/xfce4-session 4.18.3-1 doesn't mention it under "Package Contents". Here is the PKGBUILD.

So I checked if debian has it and I also do not find. Debian Package Contents Search
filenames that contain xfce4-autostart-editor in suite bookworm, all sections, and all architectures doesn't find anything. Ditto same search in buster, bullseye + sid.

Checked the xfce4-session repo. There are no issues mentioning xfce4-autostart-editor. In changelog, the last mention is in 4.6.0. Search  of the rest of repo found no other mentions.

A websearch of the bugzilla repo finds a few mentions but nothing to indicate the component was removed.

Did I miss something?


#2 2024-01-02 21:15:19

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Re: xfce4-autostart-editor

I believe that it used to be a separate application way back when, but has since been integrated into the "Session and Startup" applet (Autostart Applications tab). I'll fix the wiki entry.

Edit: wiki entry fixed.

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#3 2024-01-03 07:52:44

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Re: xfce4-autostart-editor


Would it be worthwhile making a belated note in the changelog? And/or the readme, or wherever else it might be seen?

I did find all kinds of recent SOF and other forum questions where people are being directed towards this package. Which seem not that old. It could be confusing


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