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#1 2024-01-05 23:35:41

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Configure Thunar Device display

Is there a way to configure the display of Devices in Thunar?
At times I may have to many things hooked up and the Devices section is consumed. If I have use a systemd-mount to include a automount then thunar provides duplicate Devices, one for the mount unit and one for the auto mount unit. They are slightly different, redundant, and though they mostly work I often don't need anything from them. If I use a 'Where' with a dot name hidden directory then there is no Devices or desktop icon.

I would like to limit the Device list to a single listing. The two types are displayed differently, different icons and one with a caret to dismount which I think is the automount unit.

Edit for more;
Well I got around the main annoyance of thunar auto mounting with the cursor casually crossing of the device listing. Using /.dir as a mount point instead of /dir removes the gio (Mount) listing, the one with the dismount caret and the drive-removable-media.png icon. The gio (Drive) listing with the drive-harddisk.png icon was the one with automounting behavior on hover which is disabled if already mounted in a /.dir with a systemd-mount unit. That icon is only hidden with a udev rule which isn't a ad-hoc solution I'm looking for. That icon does mount and dismout with a right click, but in parallel with the systemd unit while not respecting the systemd's 'Where' and using the traditional /mnt/user/what.

Since this is a conflict of method, I'll leave it alone, and do transient mounts always to a hidden ~/.anydir

When a program uses the mount, the desktop icon and Devices Drive icon disappear until unmounted by timeout. Good enough.

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