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#1 2024-02-28 21:52:27

Sov Thade Tage em Ereb
From: Crimea, Ukraine
Registered: 2023-03-28
Posts: 4

broken window decorations* in old asus k50in laptop *(+ pixel garbage)

hi! i had pixel garbage in my more recent [arch] xfce installs for Asus K50IN laptop for a few years but i was taking it as a minor bug [of my chosen theme].
it is not present in my artix-xfce install at Asus x550cc laptop [with the same theme].
i use xfce since 2015 [switching from ubuntu to arch then to artix] but this issue had appeared when i had installed arch a couple of years ago (i guess).

now i have noticed i have window decorations broken badly --it was not so bad before.
i have apparent placement of the buttons mismatched but the functionality conforms to their order in 'window manager' settings.
i use `quiet-purple` theme and `artix-dark` in 'appearance' settings.
but when i switch to artix's [or xfce's] `default` theme in 'window manager' settings everything is looking just perfect --no garbage, no decorations broken!!!
i have tweaked that another laptop's `quiet-purple` theme changing the look of decorations and i use not `artix-dark` with it but another my theme i made of `punk-pain` but i am sure these details are irrelevant to the issue with my older k50in laptop.


shean shi eth Ynnwn. Aisha


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