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#1 2024-05-30 23:05:33

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Might as well face it... I'm addicted to blur

There's plenty of eye candy for the Linux desktop. I know. From the sublime to the ridiculous. But one of the things that has stuck with me in my distro-hopping travels is background blur on semi-transparent windows.

What I'm finding is that it has more utility than just candy. I like semi-transparent windows so I can keep track of what's going on underneath. I also use the xfce drop-down terminal all day. XFWM without background blur works fine most of the time, but under circumstances (window underneath too bright, too much text...etc), it's just too busy to read.

That's why I've been using picom as a compositor for the last year or so. Background blur lets terminal text pop no matter what is underneath. Same with the panel, whiskermenu, and notifications.

The thing is, I see it everywhere now. Android, IOS, Mac, and Windows (and some Linux DEs). Maybe that's why I'm missing it in xfce. Dunno.

I'm just surprised at a function I used to shrug off as eye-candy now seems to be fundamental to my daily work.


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