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#1 2006-09-19 05:13:59

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fresh ubuntu install + XFCE4.4 RC ... no vte found

hey everyone.  I'm giving the windows->linux migration another shot since the latest xubuntu livecd felt so amazingly polished. kudos on the great work.

on to my comment - I figured I would jump right in and just install the latest release candidate to see how things felt. I ran the binary installer and upon its checks for required items on the system it asks for vte version 0.11.11 or newer.  This is on a brand new fresh install of the ubuntu desktop.  oddly enough it couldn't fine `vte` anywhere, nor in any packages I searched through.

Eventually I just got the latest vte tarball and compiled it myself.  XFCE had no issues after it found it there.

Just giving a heads up.  Thanks smile


#2 2006-09-19 07:14:46

From: Germany
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Re: fresh ubuntu install + XFCE4.4 RC ... no vte found

You need the development files to compile xfce4. I think the package is called "libvte-dev"



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