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#1 2006-12-20 07:57:20


2 questions

hello fellow xfcers tongue
got a couple of questions for all of you, mostly archlinux users, who , glad to see , are many here.
thx to shadowhand's pkg's i am  a happy -svn user since the begggining of august.  i wanna get rid of xfce4-panel-svn which is required by xfdesktop-svn. is there a way todo that without breaking anything? i have once tried removing all panels but when i tried to bring it back i couldnt get it to run at startup.

& also...

i find that when i do some stuff like changing resolution, or like i did just some mins ago,  accidentaly enable menu accelerators a file named Xft.xrdb is created inside ~/.config/xfce4/ . i find that file to be the root of all evil & responsible for most problems related to desktop configuration. my fonts became horrible and even if i changed it back they wouldnt turn to normal. also had numerous problems conserning dpi and "nanofonts' til i find out about that file in the past. deleting it turns all back to normal. i was wondering why this file is created but more importantly why even if u reset the changes u made, nothing changes..

#2 2006-12-20 19:03:28

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Re: 2 questions

xfce4-panel should only be a "makedepends" as it's needed to compile the panel
menu plugin, but not run xfdesktop.
You can do a "pacman -Rd xfce4-panel-svn" or if you want to keep your dep's
straight  run "xfce4-panel -x" logout and save the session


#3 2006-12-22 02:43:38


Re: 2 questions

thx for  the answer TomE that worked like a charm

any info about Xft.xrdb ?

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