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#1 2007-04-12 02:36:13

Registered: 2007-02-06
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text doesnt show up: keys not acknowledged

I installed debian etch last week last week with XFCE and have been experiencing a strange problem

my text input is farked. well, was, then wasnt, then was again.

i thought perhaps it was some debian/xorg thing, and posted in the debian forums looking for help. after looking at a few things, it was suggested i try a different wm and see how it acted, so i installed IceWM (which i dont like at all, meh) and the text input was fine.

so someone suggested i delte my xfce config (~/.config/xfce4-sessions/xfce4-sessions.rc, is what i believed it to be) and see if that changed anything

it did! yay!

wait....hours later, it was farked up again sad

i have no idea where to go with this. for the record, its an etch install, but i did *not* use the "desktop environment" option and installed xorg, xfce4 and everything else i use myself, since i wanted as light an install as possible.

any ideas where to look to find out what is causing this problem so i can get it fixed?


#2 2007-04-24 21:12:28

Registered: 2007-02-06
Posts: 2

Re: text doesnt show up: keys not acknowledged

any ideas of where i can go to look?

as a mini update:

ive installed opera and nethack-qt as someone though it was a GTK problem
-both have the same problem under XFCE: text entry is randomly missing and slowish

i started x from single user mode
-no problems at CLI, GDM, or in XFCE

i started XFCE as my normal user
-killed GDM from terminal, then started x
--same problem

i started a failsafe terminal as a user
-no problem in failsafe terminal

ive tried debian IRC rooms, debian-xfce IRC rooms, these forums, debian forums, AnandTech forums (who have some very experienced and competent *nix users) and have spent time googling and have *nada*

where else can i turn?


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