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#1 2007-05-05 20:00:33

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How to activate XFCE eye candy with Ubuntu Edgy + Nvidia 7950x2


I've just installed Xfce on my Ubuntu system. I used Gnome + Beryl before, but it monopolized the OpenGL interface (the Beryl effects ran really smooth, but when I launched another OpenGL app like Armagetron, I got like 2 fps).

I wanted to get more eye candy (a compositing windows manager, actually) while running a system that does not monopolize the OpenGL interface. Also, the Beryl manager caused some funny bugs on some soft (Eagle CAD, notably): the text became transparent (difficult to use).

So I've installed Xfce, and uninstalled Beryl.

Now Eagle works, all OpenGL apps run perfectly, but I don't get any eye candy on Xfce - windows are solid, no shadows.   Also, I can only select A resolution of 1280x1024, 1024x768 or "Default" (which amounts to 1600x1200x32, I configured it on Gnome).

How do I configure it/activate the transparency?

Thanks a lot!




#2 2007-05-06 19:17:51

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Re: How to activate XFCE eye candy with Ubuntu Edgy + Nvidia 7950x2

Enable compositor in xorg.conf and build xfwm4 with compositor support (xfwm4 -V to check is you already have this). For more info, search the forums roll.


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