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#1 2007-08-11 07:02:44

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new software not in menu


When I download some software into Xubuntu, some of it shows up in the  Applications menu, but most of it doesn't. I can't figure out the menu editor, so I tried adding a launcher icon to the panel. But where do I look for the apps? What equals an .exe file in linux?  Do I have to edit a config file, and if so, what is it/ where is it? It's rather frustrating to download what sounds like a really cool program, only I can't find it afterward to use it.
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

(a somewhat confused new) linuxlady


#2 2007-08-12 07:50:38

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Re: new software not in menu

It depends if an application installs a .desktop file (in /usr/share/applications/ for example), if it doesn't do that, Xfce doesn't know there is a new application installed. You can of course create your own launcher or desktop file that links to an executable. Most linux executables (no extension) are installed in a /bin/ (/usr/bin, /usr/local/bin/ etc) directory and /sbin/ for apps that needs more privileges.


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