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#1 2009-04-03 22:25:52

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Help, lost my graphical login in Xubuntu, Gnome not my default

Hello experts,
I had a brand new Xubuntu-HardyHeron installation going, running fine with all the usual packages. Unfortunately, after my laptop boots and the splash screen I'm dumped to the black-n-white terminal login. My user and passw works fine, and I learned in the forums I can start the GUI by typing "startx". I'm at fault... I *think* my login was gnome or gdm, but I installed a package that brought KDE with it. I uninstalled that package and so I'm left with the command prompt.

So, i've tried to fix it by doing "apt-get install xubuntu-desktop", and "apt-get install gdm", and the files are there and is installed. Unfortunately if I try to run the "gdmsetup" it tells me that GNOME is not my default display manager, or something like that.

My questions:
1) How do I set my default display manager to GNOME or to Xfce?
   (I think it still thinks my default is KDE)

2) How do I fix the login, so I can use the same login screen that comes with XUBUNTU, without having to login and then typing "startx" ?

I'm a newbie of course, but I hope I can just fix those two things without formatting and doing the whole slow install of xubuntu again. It runs fine firefox, wireless, etc, running from an 8GB USB stick on an Acer Aspire One!  THANKS!!!!!!

-Raul Victoria

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#2 2009-04-05 15:20:14

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Re: Help, lost my graphical login in Xubuntu, Gnome not my default

You have several options:

Uninstall KDE's dislplay manager:

sudo apt-get remove kdm

Keep kdm installed but pick gdm:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm




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