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#1 2011-11-20 13:33:33

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[Solved] KDE4 & Gnome3 Refugee!


I still have Gnome and KDE on this netbook, I have Xfce, Gnome and KDE on my gaming laptop and will likely have all three when my desktop machine is up and running again.  BUT... I so rarely boot in to KDE or Gnome now that I am beginning to feel a little lost when I do.

I have been a dual-booter since Gutsy, Kubuntu.  Full credit goes to my Dad for that... with a (dis)honorable mention going to ridiculous networking issues in Windows XP.  I dual-boot with Windows 7 now and it has its own problems, big shocker there!
Since Gutsy (then Hardy) I have mostly stuck to LTS releases, but this netbook's wifi driver was proving difficult and one of the suggestions I found was to upgrade to 11.04.  The netbook mode of Kubuntu wasn't awful, but it was a bit flaky... this began my search for something new and my happy discovery of Xfce!  (Thank you, KDE)

My best friends are Google and Ubuntu Forums.  I am hoping to become as friendly with the Xfce Forums, although since there doesn't seem to be much of a struggle with Xfce, I may be an infrequent visitor.  :-)

Xfce isn't slick and flashy, but I happily trade that for its speed and the fact that everything is arranged so that when I go looking for a GUI solution, it is easy to find and right where it logically should be!  Call me old fashioned if you like, but the ever changing arrangement of settings and utilities gets on my nerves.
"Oh!  I know where that is controlled at, it's right over... uh... it was right here... No, not in there, not there either," heavy sigh, open Firefox, "Okay Mighty Google, where'd they put it?"

All that said, I am a new convert to Xfce, just a couple of months now, but it felt like a homecoming, everything is so easy to configure, arrange, change and... I say again... SO FAST!  I love it!

My thanks to anyone and everyone who contributes to the Xfce community and development, no matter how great or small the contribution!  Keep up the excellent work!


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